APPR mode not responding with glideslope

So I was on left base at OIIE, approach gave me the altitude of 8000ft and said turn left at a heading of 320 degrees. All goes well, I am established on the localiser but I am not descending! I had to do 2 go arounds and on my 3rd attempt I just gave up and ended my flight completely! Can anyone come up with a solution? Thanks!

My Callsign was Emirates 9872: this happened between 18:30 ZULU to 19:20 ZULU in case the approach controller and tower was wondering why I was going around so much.


Did you have the correct runway set for the ILS?

Yup runway 29R.

And that was set to NAV1.

So you aircraft was aligned with the localizer but not the glideslope?

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That is correct, yes.

Were you at or below the glideslope altitude at the top of the ILS cone?

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At the top of the ILS cone it was coming down. APPR was set before this as I was established on the localiser.

What altitude AAL were you at the top of the ILS cone

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8000ft at the top of the ILS cone

8000 MSL or above the airport?

MSL (10 characters)

Do you know what your alt was at the ILS cone in AGL?

Not too sure about that

Can I check that in replay mode?

I don’t know but you can just get you altitude MSL, and then subtract the airport elevation

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2 seconds I’ll do that now

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@Mukundan_Srivatsa I was at 6980ft AAL.

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Ok. That altitude seems way too high to be at the top of the ILS cone, which is probably why your glideslope did not pick up. At the top of the ILS cone, you want to be around 3000 ft AAL, provided there is no terrain or special circumstances.


Was the Diamond on the Glidslope down or up?

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