APPR mode making me go side to side

Hey so recently I’ve been using APPR mode a lot more. I’ve noticed sometimes when I apply it it makes my plane tip side to side. Sometimes even going vertical. How do I fix this?

Hi there! You want to make sure that you are intercepting the localizer and glide slope correctly. I’d suggest reading through this:

While it is meant for controllers to reference when vectoring aircraft, it is also very helpful for pilots to understand the correct way to use APPR.

So that we can better help you, what aircraft were you using and how was it configured (speed, flaps, etc.)?

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A320 and A321 180, flaps 3

Are you sure that you’re intercepting properly?

I’m probably not how do I know when I am?

You should be intercepting at a 30 degree angle as shown here:

And intercepting the glide slope just below like shown here:

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Hmmm How do I know I’m set up on the localizer?

APPR seems to overcompensate for turns, sometimes I am a little off the centerline and it starts swaying side to side making big turns. After sometime it will line me up but it does seem to overcompensate.

That often happens when one engages APPR when lined up with the runway. Do you remember if that’s what you were doing?

I was still on LNAV and LNAV always has me a little to the side of the current waypoint so when I turned on APPR to lineup even though I am a little bit off instead of making a couple small turns it starts making big turns swaying the aircraft back and forth.

Yeah, you’ll want to intercept the runway centerline at a larger angle. This way, your aircraft will be able to turn yo final instead of have to make a bunch of tiny adjustments.

Hey, I think I figured it out. Your supposed to set up on the localizer wait for you to be on the glide slope then turn on APPR. Am I correct?

I normally am on LNAV until I am a little bit into the final approach then I turn on APPR and the aircraft starts swaying.

Yes, engage APPR when at a 30 degree intercept angle. You’ll “catch” the glide slope after that.

I’m still confused

There’s also an updated tutorial on utilising APPR recently produced by Tyler if it helps out by any chance 😊

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Wait what?

The best way I do an APPR landing is when I am on downwind with the runway I set up my NAV1 AKA ILS Runway I want to land on then I fallow the STAR and then while using LNAV when my plane starts turning into final approach the I activate APPR as my plane is turning and make sure u are like below the glide slope and go easy on the speed like as ur turning into final ur speed should be like 200kts from start turning and while ur turning slow ur speed down to 185kts Airspeed then when enter the ILS cone slow ur speed to 170kts if u are still below the glide slop then keep it at 170kts until the green diamond hits the dot above the middle of the glide slop next to ur Altitude in the HUD mode once it hits that 1 dot and u are half way into the ILS cone put ur gear down and slow ur speed to 150 and then wait for it to say “500” disable APPR and manually adjust ur heading and make sure ur FPV is on the centerline and ur localized the green line in the circle at the bottom and if u feel unballance set ur heading once u get the FPV and localized is on center then activate heading control ur pitch and for take off trim u want 15% for landing trim u want between 25% and 30% and once u hear “100” disable the SPD and flare as it says “50” then when it says “10” drop ur throtle to 0% and pull it down so when u touch u reverse thrust and touch down a few feet in front of the runway number and make sure ur parking brakes are deactivated and when ur nose week is down the same way ur reverse thrusting pull ur ruder down so u slow down faster and u can taxi to parking and there u go u have sucesfelly landed and keep practicing this and u will start buttering ur landings after enough practice

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