APPR Mode Landing TOO Softly!

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: 16.5.1 (C)

Ok, this is a little odd-
I was landing in the Embraer E175 at KLAX on TS just now, and had APPR enabled. I don’t normally use it, but figured I’d give it a shot. Everything was set and both indicators were green, the approach was OK, we flared, and… the back wheels hit too softly and we ended up bouncing down the runway.

I ended up taking manual control and setting it down safely. I have been able to recreate this twice on Runway 25L at KLAX in the E175, but nowhere else.

Any ideas?

Just don’t land with APPR. I usually set it and around 300ft (sometimes even earlier or later) I take over manual control and land the plane manually. It’s more fun that way and it ensures a safe, smooth landing. A fix for this, I am not aware of one.

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There isn’t one. This isn’t a support issue. It’s literally just how the system works sometimes.

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Yeah, I do land manually most of the time. I’ve just been trying out APPR to get a handle on it.

The only way to reduce this would be to increase the trim by 10-15% once the throttle goes idle. Otherwise, it’s just how APPR is.

300ft is way too early, take control manual at 1000ft so you can capture the glideslope

appr captures the glideslope for you

hes talking about using appr close to landing, i’m saying that cause i like landing manually

You’d have to show some screenshots or something in order for us to help you more. Otherwise, we’re just guessing at the issue.

Here you go:

I wasn’t clear. Pictures of your hud or speeds/landing configuration will be helpful.

I’m going to go out on a limb and just say this the E175 and APPR not meshing well. The APPR has a very aggressive flare which works fine for a lot of aircraft. However, the E175 needs essentially zero flare in this game at a normal approach speed (more so just controlling the descent rate) which means when the APPR flares it will tend to send the E175 back up which is what you are experiencing.

I did test this theory and at a speed which maintains 1 degree pitch up on final, it floats up a bit before setting it down (tested on multiple runways and airports). At 2-3 degrees pitch up it still looks like it wants to go up but the flight spoilers activate before you can do so. This pretty much confirms my theory.

In conclusion, E175 flight mechanics and APPR flight mechanics do not mix.


Set the throttle to idle when you are 100 feet from the ground, that should not make you Bounce when landing with appr.

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