APPR mode issue

APPR has never worked properly. The system itself works fine but it will smack your plane down on the ground 9/10 times. You’re better off going manual for smooth landings

To be fair, APPR does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Lines you up and helps you land on the runway. No one said it would do it smoothly…


What’s the point of having a feature then if it doesn’t work to its full potential? I’m pretty sure APPR in the real world is capable of making smooth landings. Just recently, I gave it a try since I rarely use it, I was established on the LOC and it still banked my plane hard left. What’s that about?

This seems to be the issue because it violently adds thrust and not gradually like it used to. I’ve been having problems when approaching an airport in the A320 series since the new update. To test my theory, I used APPR and controlled the throttle manually and it worked just fine, so auto throttle is the issue. Since it seems not everyone is having this issue, it must be based on certain devices or something of the sort.

I’m not 100% sure how APPR works IRL, but I suggest trying to land your plane by hand, as that’s how pilots do it in the real world. You get smoother landings and more experience.

As for the bank angle, APPR does that when you’re not perfectly lined up. It is kind of a sharp turn, but it’s just trying to align you with the runway.

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Like I said, I don’t think it’s the APPR anyway, I think it’s the auto throttle issue that many people have had after the new update. It has been happening even during cruise.

regarding the Auto Throttle issue, i just quickly went to my tablet and switched on IF to do an approach on solo cause i thought there’s something just not right!

if i am flying a manual approach once APPR is engaged you still have manual throttle control also you can still tweak the v/s. the APPR never sets the throttle for you its remains manual throttle and you have to control it now if you set the throttle on Auto thats your problem i guess probably APPR system in IF is not designed to have Auto Throttle.

again i never use APPR in a real flight cause i don’t need but everytime i randomly try APPR on solo to test things its works as its should its always takes me to the runway, try using manual throttle <

I’ve been flying on IFS for the last 3 years (grade 3 currently) and have never faced issues using the Approach mode. In fact I would also activate approach at 6000ft AGL and within 60-70 degrees of the runway and it would still lock down successfully, establish the aircraft on the localizer and land perfectly.
For the last few days, that hasn’t been the case (have only tried the A320-21 though). At a height of 2500ft AGL, and a speed of 150 knots within 30 degrees of the runway and VS set to 0, I hit the approach mode. Then it just continues flying the runway heading without descending at all. It’s weird as I never faced such a problem in the past. If I do not select VS whilst hitting APPR, it asks me to set VS but will continue to descend at the VS set at my discretion and not locking down the glideslope.
Hoping for some suggestions! Thanks.

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Where are you in relation to the glide slope when you hit APPR? APPR will not engage if you’re above the glide slope when you activate it.

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