APPR mode issue

Hello, I have a question regarding the new update, i realized that the Appr mode wont start until i activate the vertical speed, can you please advise how to use this feature, as the airplane won’t start descend to the runway

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By engaging the VS…?


I believe there has been another issue similar to this


Are you making sure that you’re following all the correct steps to use the approach feature!

There’s no issue with the APPR. The APPR mode works without issues. You have to be at 3000 ft AGL and within 30° of the runway heading when you activate it. Now keep in mind be at 3000 ft AGL before the ILS cone. And then appr will line you up and hold your alt until it locks the glide slope. Set your VS to 0. Once you get to 3000ft AGL.


There’s a pop up message showing since the update was released to activate the VA prior to engaging Appr! It was working fine before

Yea. When you want to use APPR make sure you’re below the glide slope. So 3000 FT AGL is probably the best one. Then set your VS to 0 and enable APPR.

I agree with you Appr is not working. doesn’t stabilize the glide anymore

Literally read what i said. Have VS set to 0 and be below 3000 AGL and it’ll lock the glide slope.

That is mostly likely because you were more than 30 degrees off the runway heading. APPR works when you are no more than 30 degrees off the runway heading.

It’s not an issue


There most definitely is an issue with the APPR.

I’ve been on perfect glide slope, lined up perfectly to the runway, at the right speed with VS activated and when I click APPR the aircraft starts to drastically speed up and down, up and down, literally going from 0-100% throttle constantly and has a very difficult time maintaining the glide slope.

This only happens with the A320 family, all other aircraft I’ve tried it with work fine apart from it taking a little longer than usual to lock on perfectly.

I’ve tried this multiple times and each time it doesn’t work properly.

Idk what everyone is doing wrong i haven’t had any issues with the A320 appr


The only difference in this new update is that you have to have altitude off, and VS set to 0 at 2500 - 3,000ft AGL when around 10-15 miles out from the airport.


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It’s not just the APPR, the whole autopilot system for the A320 fam is acting weird now.

Very difficult to maintain an altitude without the plane bobbing drastically, over correcting on turns while NAV is turned on and then there’s the auto-throttle issue lots of people seem to be having where it over corrects the SPD setting so much that it jumps between 0% and 100% constantly.


APPR has never worked for me either. I’ve followed all the tutorials on it. I’ve tested it coming in with a straight intercept too, and no luck. The APPR mode flys the heading and makes a small descent, then fails and I fly over the runway by 1000-1500ft. I’ve given up on it a few weeks ago - I’d rather land the plane myself, and AP does basically the same job anyways.

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i haven’t had any issues with the a320 family in general, but there’s been many topics like this coming out recently since the update i guess because more people got interested at flying the a320 but i don’t understand why some people face such issues with the aircraft AP systems while i don’t? sometimes i wonder if its had to do with internet connection issues or maybe different devices etc,…


For all you folks having trouble with APPR, I’d suggest reading this tutorial about APPR straight from Laura.

exactly I have the same problem

I don’t have any problems with appr. When I use it i make sure that I’m on glideslope before engaging it and i can see the localizer so that it doesn’t do a crazy left or right turn to capture it. And also I have my speed at 180 and altitude 4000 sometimes 3000 when i enable it. The only issue that I have is when i disable Autopilot to land manually, it pitches up. But I found a way around it by setting negative trim to keep it stable then adjusting it for landing.

I don’t think it’s the APPR itself, but the auto thrust issue lots of people are having. The plane can’t keep a steady speed which in turn makes the APPR not work properly.

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