Appr mode is acting up!

So I was landing my plane at Phoenix and I’m on appr or Autoland mode so I’m about to switch off auto land and all of a sudden my plane pulls up about to stall my plane now but luckily I was able to recover and it was on short final I don’t know why It did this. I hope someone has a reason why.


Did you celebrate your device before disengaging APPR? Was the aircraft trimmed properly?


Hmm do you know what your speed was at? APPR and autopilot can act up and move up sometimes with out telling it to, hopefully that will be fixed soon.

My speed was 145 knots

First off, fly eagles fly. Second, could you share your replay.

its on my phone

What aircraft

737-900 or 739

Hmm, that’s a good landing speed for the 737-9. Problem was probably that you were under glide slope and the APPROACH tried to keep a vertical speed of 0 while you went forward and when trying to do that it jerked up too much. That happens sometimes. The only other thing I could think of is that your load on the aircraft might be too much.

Dang u smert XD Thx. do you know anyone who goes over landing without appr mode


Thanks lol. Also, what do you mean by that. Like I normally don’t use APPR but I do lock my ILS runways to Nav 1 so it keeps me on the right heading towards the runway, but at around 3 miles out I take pretty much full control except for speed and at about 500 feet I take control of speed.

If you mean like a YT vid I can send you a link

That would be nice or ill try you idea! Thx

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Here’s a vid.

One problem I have the new version idk if that makes a difference. Anyway I don’t see a line on being align with the runway, unless he is talking about the circle in the middle but, thanks for lending me the vid! Nevermind I found what he’s talking about!

on a scale of 1-10 how good are you at landing

Maybe your virticle speed was activated you know how the auto pilot likes to kill you in this game but it was almost certainly autopilot or improper calibration

lol ummm ok?

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