APPR mode for 747s

Autoland(APPR) greatly contributes to a smooth landing, since it follows the glidepath automatically allowing the pilot to focus on other tasks such as speed, flaps, ATC communication. Unfortunately so far only a select few aircraft have autoland ability, which personally limits my flyable variety of planes since I suck at manual landings. The 747 family, particularly the 748, are modern and certainly have autoland capabilities in real life–I’m hoping it’ll be implemented in IF too?

I put this in #Features although I’m merely asking if it’ll ever be added

and I’m not asking for a soft rework if any at all

The 747 is a very old aircraft and should be reworked for yesterday, like many others, thus lacking A LOT of features. When it is eventually reworked it will almost certainly be added.

Make sure to vote here:

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I have already lol. Not asking for a rework tbh, or at least not a full one.


It’s very unlikely that the APPR mode will be added before a full (or soft, at least) rework of the aircraft is completed. It’s the same as requesting wing flex for the B747 - it will inevitably come following a rework of the aircraft thus requesting individual pieces of a rework is unnecessary. I suggest you perhaps save this vote on another feature if you do vote for this.

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