APPR Mode -- and Autopilot in General is BROKEN

I want to make it clear that I’m not looking for help specifically. That’s why this isn’t in support.

I wouldn’t be making this topic if it hadn’t had happened to me multiple times under the same circumstances. Granted, SKBO is at a very high altitude! That could have something to do with it.

I could be using APPR wrong, but I’ve said what I’ve done to activate it in my original post and haven’t heard much of anything telling me I’m doing something wrong.

My point is that APPR and Autopilot in general is not as good as it should be right now. In my opinion, they have had ample time to at least make some small quality of life improvements. They must be taking into account some factors, like speed, because of how it anticipates for turns.

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Hello, please take a look at the topic I made about this a few weeks ago:

From what I’ve found, it happens when your sensitivity is jacked up way to high. Try resetting it through your settings, and see if it helps!

Here’s the replay file from the flight I most recently had issues with.

I mentioned above that this solution can work, but is cludgy and shouldn’t be the fix. When I disconnect AP, I want the plane to be responsive. I shouldn’t have to increase the sensitivity every time I disengage (and vice versa for when I engage.)

Glad it’s been said again. The s turns on the TBM and the CRJ drive me absolutely mad.


I don’t like it either but until the devs make refinements to the APP system we’re just going to have to live with VERY sensitive APPROACH and LNAV

I agree, APPR is just… no. The autopilot is pretty okay though except for NAV turns.

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Someone had to say it. That is another reason i’m switching to MFS2020. Also the community isn’t as aggressive when it comes to thinking they know it all when it’s a mobile game lmao.


I don’t really have an issue with APPR because I never use it. I do have an issue with LNAV though; in most of the models we have the late turning is bearable, but in the CRJ it really is frustrating, to the point where I avoid it entirely.

No point in complaining like this though. We have little influence on how the game is developed, and just making a ranting post like this doesn’t seem very effective.

You should consider rephrasing this post to make it seem more like constructive feedback rather than angry ranting.

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That’s the problem. The community managers and developers say they take community feedback heavily into account. All of the issues people bring up and the game rarely fixes them. I don’t think they take community feedback as much as they say they do.

Either take as much feedback as you say you do and work to improve the game based off of that, or lay out a plan for what you want to accomplish and stick to it regardless of what we say. There isn’t really a middle ground.

(With how community driven this game is, they seem to be extremely opaque with the development…)

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They do to a degree at least; if they didn’t at all we wouldn’t have a feature request category on the forum…

They do. But my point is they hype up how much they take community feedback seriously and I don’t think they do as much as they say they do.

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I think I might have to agree to disagree there.

  • Around this time last year the developers asked the community which aircraft they wanted in a poll. Now, they’ve gone off, worked their magic and are now reworking the entire 777 family based on community vote.
  • Last year, a major physics issue was found in the A330 and posted on the community. In the next release, a physics rework was added for the A330 based on the community’s feedback.
  • Just recently, a topic was made about the quality of discussion in this community getting lower. There was a lengthy and at times slightly heated discussion, and now we have the Summer 2020 IFC Refresh.
  • When people wanted a dark mode for the community, one was added - and man does it look nice.
  • The community wanted more in person meetups - and not just at expos. So we had the Heathrow meetup.
  • The community wanted multiplayer replay. That’s now added and is the backbone of support topics and violation appeals.
  • The community wanted global 15m satellite imagery. It took time, but we got it.
  • The community wanted global flight. We ended up with the biggest ever update to Infinite Flight.

All this on a mobile simulator. With a reasonably small team, all this in just 3 years. There are more things I haven’t mentioned, but it’s important to remember what we do have. There are only so many people on the team, and only so much that can be done given the sim’s current state.

Project Metal will open up a lot of new doors. Remember the map rework a few months back? Look where we are now thanks to that infrastructure change. Now we have all sorts of cool things on the map - airspaces, SIDs, STARs, FIRs.

TL;DR - There are a lot of feature requests in this community. There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week, weeks in a month and months in a year. The developers are human too, if you ever ask any developer whether they want 3D Buildings, all types of clouds and taxiway lights they will not hesitate to say yes. They want these features too, and they will add them as soon as it is possible to do so. I know I’d rather clouds that work on my device than one’s that don’t.


I agree with most of what you say here. My rant was about autopilot though, an INTEGRAL part of the game experience. It flies your plane when you don’t!

They should be more transparent with their development process in my opinion. And there hasn’t been ANY talk of improving the AP besides adding VNAV (which I’m not undermining, I love VNAV.)

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Don’t quote me on this, but I think there was a small autopilot update in 20.1 to try and make turns in particular a bit smoother. I agree with you though, it does need some work. But for now, maybe use VNAV to fly a GPS Approach instead of an ILS.

With the Speed AP issue, I agree. When I speed up as I’m passing through FL100 I don’t even use the AP any more because it just uses so much fuel. I just turn the Speed AP off then throttle up manually. Then I hit the SPD button as I get to my target speed. That way it only has to maintain that speed, which it does fine at.


I completely understand your issues and frustration… I have been suffering lately from APPR issues where the two newly improved aircrafts (772, A350) were so violent in localizer interception and they kept turning to the maximum bank angle in order to get back to the track although my speed has reached 155 knots in turning to overcome the overshooting problems but unfortunately without any benefit… The problem is in the violent corrections… I can accept the overshoot (still not justifiable) but the AP can slowly corrects itself without this huge swerving which renders the aircraft unstable and struggles to intercept the pink line representing the localizer… I have lost my motivation to fly after suffering from these problems… I have been using IFfor 2 years and haven’t had such approach problems before…


I‘m just gonna throw this in bc it really bothers me from time to time: trim does absolutely nothing to your plane in terms of weight and balance. It’s stabilizer trim to have less control pressure when hand flying. All newer Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier whatever planes are fly-by-wire anyways, so you can’t „feel“ the pressure from the increasing deflection of the stabilizer. The autopilot automatically trims the plane. You don’t need to do a thing so trim has no effect on bugs with APPR.


This! It’s nice to have a trimmed out plane during approach but it doesn’t solve all our problems relating to connecting and disconnecting the autopilot…


Considering the high amount of topics relating to the AP (ALT, Speed, VS, Heading, LNAV, APPR…) there is no doubt as to the fact that regulars, moderators, developers and staff have noticed users’ feedback.

What I’d like to know is THEIR feedback.
• Have they experienced similar issues?
• Is there a specific reason that may explain the matter (software, specific environment or plane configuration, Pilot maneuvering, specific plane, device…)?

I trust the frustration is not related to the fact that there could be a glitch somewhere or some piloting skills to be improved, the issue is rather that on some occasions, a matter seems to be rather pushed under the carpet.

I don’t mind glitches, i’d just like to know if
• I do something wrong that leads me to only activate VS (0) and deactivate ALT at cruise or leads me to stall if I don’t fly my approach manually;
• or if there is an consensus on the fact that there could be or is an issue;
• if matter is considered for further investigations.

Again, glitches happen. They do because developers are working hard to bring us great updates. But if there is a suspicion of a widely reported issue, it would be nice to know that it’s been investigated.

There could be a topic answering that inquiry somewhere but I haven’t found it.

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Hello. Speaking from my personal experience, here are my takeaways:

  • Try to maintain a certain altitude in order to capture the ILS glideslope (not descending or climbing). While you descend or climb to capture the glideslope, the VS may change significantly, which may cause aircraft to stall, especially at slow speed.

  • Make sure you are within 30 degree of runway heading to capture ILS localizer (e.g. for Runway 09 heading 090, your intercept is between 060-120). That way, your aircraft can get established faster.

  • When you have activated APPR, try NOT TO reactivate the LNAV button. Doing so will cause your aircraft VS to change greatly which may impact your final approach. Also, if you switch APPR to LNAV, your NAV Source is switched to NAV 1, and when you do TnG and reactivate your LNAV, it will direct to Runway ILS heading instead of your FPL. You need to change the NAV Source back to GPS (for this one, I experience a lot of times and crashed as I don’t understand it the first time)

  • Personally I always prefer ILS approach (I am suck at manual flying) so I always activate APPR. Once you understand how APPR works, I barely had crash except when suddenly Go Around and have to reactivate FPL or switch to LNAV as necessary or instructed by ATC.

You may review this tutorial below. Hopefully it helps :)

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