APPR Mode -- and Autopilot in General is BROKEN

See this is why I don’t trust computers. But in today’s world they are unavoidable, so I was forced to make a compromise. I don’t use autopilot below 3000ft AGL, unless I am confident that the aircraft will keep stable and not make any aggressive maneuvers (which is why I am phasing out using infinite flight’s APPR feature because it really really sucks and it needs a ton of work). I am more confident with some aircraft than others to fly safely and comfortably, but regardless, I try to use the airplane’s computers (autopilot and APPR) as little as possible, because like I said you shouldn’t trust computers.

I have had no problems with APPR mode for months…so clearly you are doing something that you shouldn’t be (ie going too fast, too high etc…)


I might just address a few of your points here, because I use APPR each time I fly an ILS approach to capture the localizer and I have not had any issues with it aside from when I had not configured it correctly.

Yes 30 is the limit but I try to aim for no more than 15 to be super sure.

First of all, APPR cannot control speed. There must have been something else going on here. Perhaps a replay share is in order? Furthermore, APPR will not correct altitude until it is established on the glideslope.

I understand your frustration, however take a step back here. The people who code these systems are fantastic at what they do, there is no doubt about that. However they are not aircraft engineers, and they are working on a mobile simulator here - performance has to be considered.

Consider the alternative. If autopilot needs to throttle back as it approaches it’s target speed, then aircraft performance needs to be taken into account to avoid over compensation. That means individually programming the autopilot for each aircraft which is very time consuming.

As above. Doing this would need to consider aircraft performance meaning each aircraft’s autopilot needs to be made individually leading to an even longer time from starting to create an aircraft to release.

Same issue. See above.


Please remember these functions do work. And the alternative is an even longer development process. Laura has said before autopilot was one of the hardest things to make, so this could well add a month plus to aircraft production.

If you’re sure it’s a consistent issue, see Maxim’s post below.

I hope I’ve answered some questions and if not excused the quality of the current autopilot then at least explained the likely reasoning behind its current state.


You post a topic about an issue that is bothering you, yet I can’t find any details like your replay, flight parameters etc. I’m not sure how you want us (and the developers) to help you without including this information? For all we know it might be you who is incorrectly using APPR (you have to admit, this is a possibility from our side).

If you want something to be done about this, more details are needed. In particular, can you reproduce this issue with certain settings? For example:

  1. Select thisApproach at thisAirport
  2. Have thisAmountOfWeight
  3. Fly at thisSpeed KIAS
  4. etc etc…

By reproduce, I mean can you consistently (every time) fly the same approach, with the same settings and get APPR to ‘mess up’? If you can, post below and that’ll be of great value to the developers. Saying that “APPR is broken” isn’t very valuable as a statement by itself.


I want to make it clear that I’m not looking for help specifically. That’s why this isn’t in support.

I wouldn’t be making this topic if it hadn’t had happened to me multiple times under the same circumstances. Granted, SKBO is at a very high altitude! That could have something to do with it.

I could be using APPR wrong, but I’ve said what I’ve done to activate it in my original post and haven’t heard much of anything telling me I’m doing something wrong.

My point is that APPR and Autopilot in general is not as good as it should be right now. In my opinion, they have had ample time to at least make some small quality of life improvements. They must be taking into account some factors, like speed, because of how it anticipates for turns.

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Hello, please take a look at the topic I made about this a few weeks ago:

From what I’ve found, it happens when your sensitivity is jacked up way to high. Try resetting it through your settings, and see if it helps!

Here’s the replay file from the flight I most recently had issues with.

I mentioned above that this solution can work, but is cludgy and shouldn’t be the fix. When I disconnect AP, I want the plane to be responsive. I shouldn’t have to increase the sensitivity every time I disengage (and vice versa for when I engage.)

Glad it’s been said again. The s turns on the TBM and the CRJ drive me absolutely mad.


I don’t like it either but until the devs make refinements to the APP system we’re just going to have to live with VERY sensitive APPROACH and LNAV

I agree, APPR is just… no. The autopilot is pretty okay though except for NAV turns.

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Someone had to say it. That is another reason i’m switching to MFS2020. Also the community isn’t as aggressive when it comes to thinking they know it all when it’s a mobile game lmao.


I don’t really have an issue with APPR because I never use it. I do have an issue with LNAV though; in most of the models we have the late turning is bearable, but in the CRJ it really is frustrating, to the point where I avoid it entirely.

No point in complaining like this though. We have little influence on how the game is developed, and just making a ranting post like this doesn’t seem very effective.

You should consider rephrasing this post to make it seem more like constructive feedback rather than angry ranting.

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That’s the problem. The community managers and developers say they take community feedback heavily into account. All of the issues people bring up and the game rarely fixes them. I don’t think they take community feedback as much as they say they do.

Either take as much feedback as you say you do and work to improve the game based off of that, or lay out a plan for what you want to accomplish and stick to it regardless of what we say. There isn’t really a middle ground.

(With how community driven this game is, they seem to be extremely opaque with the development…)

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They do to a degree at least; if they didn’t at all we wouldn’t have a feature request category on the forum…

They do. But my point is they hype up how much they take community feedback seriously and I don’t think they do as much as they say they do.

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I think I might have to agree to disagree there.

  • Around this time last year the developers asked the community which aircraft they wanted in a poll. Now, they’ve gone off, worked their magic and are now reworking the entire 777 family based on community vote.
  • Last year, a major physics issue was found in the A330 and posted on the community. In the next release, a physics rework was added for the A330 based on the community’s feedback.
  • Just recently, a topic was made about the quality of discussion in this community getting lower. There was a lengthy and at times slightly heated discussion, and now we have the Summer 2020 IFC Refresh.
  • When people wanted a dark mode for the community, one was added - and man does it look nice.
  • The community wanted more in person meetups - and not just at expos. So we had the Heathrow meetup.
  • The community wanted multiplayer replay. That’s now added and is the backbone of support topics and violation appeals.
  • The community wanted global 15m satellite imagery. It took time, but we got it.
  • The community wanted global flight. We ended up with the biggest ever update to Infinite Flight.

All this on a mobile simulator. With a reasonably small team, all this in just 3 years. There are more things I haven’t mentioned, but it’s important to remember what we do have. There are only so many people on the team, and only so much that can be done given the sim’s current state.

Project Metal will open up a lot of new doors. Remember the map rework a few months back? Look where we are now thanks to that infrastructure change. Now we have all sorts of cool things on the map - airspaces, SIDs, STARs, FIRs.

TL;DR - There are a lot of feature requests in this community. There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week, weeks in a month and months in a year. The developers are human too, if you ever ask any developer whether they want 3D Buildings, all types of clouds and taxiway lights they will not hesitate to say yes. They want these features too, and they will add them as soon as it is possible to do so. I know I’d rather clouds that work on my device than one’s that don’t.


I agree with most of what you say here. My rant was about autopilot though, an INTEGRAL part of the game experience. It flies your plane when you don’t!

They should be more transparent with their development process in my opinion. And there hasn’t been ANY talk of improving the AP besides adding VNAV (which I’m not undermining, I love VNAV.)

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Don’t quote me on this, but I think there was a small autopilot update in 20.1 to try and make turns in particular a bit smoother. I agree with you though, it does need some work. But for now, maybe use VNAV to fly a GPS Approach instead of an ILS.

With the Speed AP issue, I agree. When I speed up as I’m passing through FL100 I don’t even use the AP any more because it just uses so much fuel. I just turn the Speed AP off then throttle up manually. Then I hit the SPD button as I get to my target speed. That way it only has to maintain that speed, which it does fine at.


I completely understand your issues and frustration… I have been suffering lately from APPR issues where the two newly improved aircrafts (772, A350) were so violent in localizer interception and they kept turning to the maximum bank angle in order to get back to the track although my speed has reached 155 knots in turning to overcome the overshooting problems but unfortunately without any benefit… The problem is in the violent corrections… I can accept the overshoot (still not justifiable) but the AP can slowly corrects itself without this huge swerving which renders the aircraft unstable and struggles to intercept the pink line representing the localizer… I have lost my motivation to fly after suffering from these problems… I have been using IFfor 2 years and haven’t had such approach problems before…