APPR mode and Aircraft

I fly all the time and have one question should I use APPR mode on every plane or just the heavies, because lately it has been giving me bad landings. Thanks

personally i try to be as realistic as can be’i only use appr on low visibility conditions if the visibility is good theres no need for appr for me.

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What and how is the APPR is causing bad landings?

I don’t exactly mean bad just bumpy, but my question is what planes should I use it with and not use it with?

Personal preference tbh, I personally dont use it for anything but ive had times where i’ve liked using it but for me from abt like 3000ft (or when i start to align with the glideslope), i just hand fly all the way in. All planes with APPR on it act the same way with it on and I don’t really see a difference if you do use it, but yeah im not a big fan of using it anyway

All answer given above are correct, something you can do is tune the ILS frequency to NAV 1 as if you wanted to make an APPR approach, but instead of clicking on the APPR button, you follow the Glidescope and Localizer down to the runway.

That way, you can control the aircraft and follow the “perfect” way to the runway.

I believe there is a tutorial about that on Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel.

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Honestly, I use APPR when I either don’t feel like landing or crosswinds. APPR is only supposed to put the aircraft on the ground, and that’s the way in IRL too.

Yes, essentially APPR is a precious LNAV and VNAV!

The major reason for rough landings is APPR only flares roughly 2 degrees nose up when 5 degrees is optimal.

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