APPR Made my Aircraft Stall...

So I’m aware of these APPR issues and I know that you have to be very precise on how you uses it, so I’m not making a complaint. Although I’ve never had this happen…

So basically I engaged APPR and my aircraft pitched up very drastically, then down, I quickly disengaged the APPR but if was too late…

I just thought it would be cool for you to see what became of my first flight in a while.
Airline: Air Canada
Aircraft: B77W

I left the flight early so there would be no issues.

I think you could see where this was going.

You can hopefully view the replay here if I did it correctly.


Well, I can tell you that APPR is definitely getting their license suspended for sure…


Yes it will not be flying with me for a long time until it gets further training!


Descend to 3500ft AGL and it won’t happen

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Never use APPR! It gives you hard landings. Do it yourself its much better and you can make smoother landings


I’ve buttered it with APPR before…


I had the same issue on the 777/787. Both aircraft pitch up even if I intercept ILS on the dot, at 2500 and 170-180kts and it banks hard too if i catch the Localizer at the max recommended angle. I tried all loads, speeds, and winds. Though mine’s didn’t stall, it does veer off runway on landing and it’s VS was -620 which is nowhere near smooth on td


Well i dont know how this happened i mean,if youre 3500 feet AGL then you could have enough time to turn the APPR MODE off.

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Moral of the story-don’t use APPR unless it’s absolutely necessary and MAKE SURE you’re on speed for it.


Well I was just using it to get lined up. I NEVER use it to land, I always disengage it before 1,000 agl


Well that’s what I thought too until I lost about 2,000 ft in around 5 seconds lol


I can download the replay but not import it… My iPad which is exactly half full, is telling me I need to check available storage space… Strange. Will keep trying


YA replay is a little tricky. I’ll upload this to YouTube later on, I Just can do it untill much later.

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That’s fine mate. I got the file, I just can’t get it to open. I posted a topic

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Sad that you didn’t have the altitude to recover. I’ve recovered from a vertical stall at 7,000ft

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This is why I don’t use appr . . .
It sets you up for a bad landing, or in this case (one of the worse scenarios), a crash.
APPR is also way more sensitive on the 777 and A330 than other aircraft

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Guys, we’re going off topic. What was you’re speed?

Never use APPR unless it is super foggy


Well it’s not a #support topic but 160 KIAS I think or something around that with 20% flaps.

I really don’t want to complain or anything like that because I’m in a good mood and I’m pretty sure everyone including the devs know there’s an issue with the APPR.