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May I have your tips on APPR without manual short final? Autopilot does it very bumpy though i maintain green diamond correctly start appr on 3000 agl and lineup with runway …it flares itself throttles zero after 20 ft and my vs is -700 ft/min wheels are going under runway texture all the time :(

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The Approach mode feature is a very scripted approach and landing that can’t be altered (such as providing smoother landings) when on an ILS approach. The only way to get a smoother landing is to practise your buttery/greasy touchdowns manually! 🧈

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You should try flying manually and buttering it. Use Appr only when there is terrible visibility.


What I do is I turn it off at about 750-1000 ft. agl and control it all manually except for speed which I allow autopilot to control. It makes it a lot smoother and I think it has improved my approach quite drastically. At about 100ft. agl, I turn off the autopilot speed and handle it on my own. Maybe try this, but this is something that I personally do, so if you don’t want to try it, then you don’t have to. Just a suggestion.


Issue is, APPR is designed to get you safely on the ground, not to give your passengers a seamless, buttery touchdown.


When you leave it to the APPR to land:


Even in real life the best way to land is a manual landing but when you have cat 3 auto lands or in Infinite Flight APPR the goal is not to grease the landing, it’s to get the aircraft on the ground because visibility does not allow for a manual landing, or if you are flying in bad conditions you can switch on APPR until you have a visual in the runway you are cleared to land on.

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increasing the trim, and controlling the power of the engines at the final moment can make the APPR a little smoother.
But as stated, APPR gets the plane to the ground safely, not necessarily smoothly. Use it to approach 300ft and deactivate it, eventually you won’t even need it anymore and you’ll be able to do all the approach manually

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I’ve found that landing it manually is better for completing a buttery landing because it’s easier to control in crosswind landings and lower approaches.

I recommend landing manually if you want to make a more smooth landing. I do use APPR in white out conditions though. Other than that I land manually.

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Can I ask something?
What is the point of requesting ILS approach in IF if we can disengage it and approach manually? In any case we approach the runway what is that need to determine the type?


The biggest difference is for the radar atc
ILS, your descent profile follows the Glide Slope, so your approach has to be below the GL for you to intercept it correctly.
Visual, you need to see the airport, and that includes receiving vectors (including altitude) until you can see the airport.
GPS, follows a pattern of descent at each waypoint, not necessarily being a straight approach, as in ils


I recommend taking a look at the 3 approaches manual here:


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Fly it on APPR until you are close enough that you can take control and steady the aircraft for landing.

Just before landing apply a slight bit of power and this should allow the APPR mode to touch down a bit more gently.

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