APPR landing without gear

  1. Set APPR on
  2. Forget to put the gear down
  3. After landing you can move as gear down

@matt and devs

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Don’t tag the developers pls. :)

That looks like its hovering. Wow, you’ve created a technological marvel.


The plane is designed to get the wheels on the ground. It is expecting you to touch but no gears so, it is hovering.

What’s your device?

It’s the worlds slowest a320 flying!

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People are already replicating this, seen at least 2 users doing it

Need to try this later!

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You owe me an A320! 😂

Edit: Fly the A321 and it works fine 😉


I tried it but it didnt work

Either it works in Live or with A321 only. Tried to reproduce to times under different circumstances. Results can be seen in my post above.

Edit: I can remember trying a 3rd time. A321 on Playground. Didn’t work maybe due to 23 kts crosswind.

I landed the A321 with APPR without landing gear (I forgot to lower it), it didn’t hover though. That is what I have as my profile picture.