APPR landing with a too high VS

I Noticed that when I land with APPR the back of the plane is literally touching the ground. Please give an explanation for this.


Sounds like your speed is too low so you when you flare you end up stalling

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Now, what exactly is your speed when you land?


As was mentioned, this is almost certainly a problem with you setting your speed too slow. APPR flies the plane, but it is up to you to correctly set the speed in order to enable a safe a proper approach and landing. Depending on the plane you are flying and your configuration, your approach nose attitude should be anywhere between 0 and 4 degrees (a little below the first line on the HUD), with some mainly-GA exceptions. The flare should be smooth and natural coming out of this, whether it is automated or hand-flown.

Keep in mind the length of the aircraft, the length of the landing gear (which is also its on-ground height), and your expected flare angle, and leave some room for error. I know it sounds complicated, so to sum it up: just increase your speed and go with what works best.


For reference:

The smaller commercial planes you should be landing at no less than 130kts.

Larger planes - no less than 140-145kts

This is obviously dependent on your weight when landing

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Hey there! There’s a very informative post on how to use APPR correctly to avoid this. Take a look at the topic I included below.
Happy landings!

You need to land at a faster speed. Check your angle of attack on the HUD on final. It shouldn’t be over like 3 degrees

Thanks so much, but I would like to verify is a speed of 180 - 190 good for a
787-10 aircraft

No that’s way too fast, In between 155-145 knots is usually the speed I land the 787.

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Use flaps for a lower angle of attack on approach. You should be at full flaps at your final approach speed which will be around 130-145 depending on weight.

Make sure you aren’t overweight either

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