APPR Keeps failing

I have been recently trying the APPR on the A320. I was heading at 3,000ft and going 180kts. I pressed the APPR as I entered the ILS Guide and my plane just flys straight up and stalls then just go haywire. If you know my then can you help me.

It’s not broken at all. Once you enter that line you must be at least at 4000FT. Since you were at 3000FT it was trying to get to around 4000FT… it’s trying to stay “stable” by following your glide slope.

I am not sure exactly how the APPR works, I use it very rarely. And yet it does happen to me. Are you going on an angle? Is your speed too low or high? Is your altitude too high? Do you have an accurate flightplan? If non of these questions work for you then watch the Infinite Flight’s tutorial on how to use an APPR on A320 on YouTube. Hope this helps.

You won’t be able to use APPR when you are overweighted…

Yeah I forgot my bad

Thanks though

Hi kuba it’s just I had a low altitude and I’m also called Kuba. What a coincidence

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I am not overweight because it won’t allow me to use it if it’s maximum landing weight

I was always wondering why it pulled up so thank you

Yes I was just told :)

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It’s no problem! Happy flying!

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