APPR issues

Hi all, hope you are all safe and well.
I just flew from Paris to Frankfurt and I have had problems with my APPR.
The aircraft would not turn runway direction when I was cleared for ILS approach. The APPR flew towards the ILS strip however did this at a very shallow angle.
Also I find the APPR, when the diamond reaches the line to show I am at the perfect glidescope the plane makes very violent movements.
Not sure if this is an issue with my imputs, or if there is something wrong with the system.
Hope you can help.

The APPR is known to make violent movements and overshooting turns, it’s just a matter of coming in with perfection :^)

What about the APPR not turning though. It seems quite strange to me.

It really all comes down to your plane and the configuration you are in.

If you are descending at 3k and enable it its not going to magically stop at the diamond so it will take some time to adjust.

Can you do a recording of a landing with APPR (a live recording not a replay) so we can see what your configuration looks like, speed, etc. Otherwise we are just guessing.

I was at a 30degrees angle from the runway
Speed 160kts
And a decent rate of 0ftm as levee off at 4000ft
This was because I was low on the glide scope

Were you using Nav1 or APPR in the autopilot section?

Yes, I was using APPR

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I actually made a topic about APPR and these described violent turns:

What I found is that if you have changed your control settings (IF>settings>control) to a specific preference, then it affects the sensitivity and pitch at which the aircraft will bank to get back on the GS. If you take a look are the videos in the linked topic above, you will see that my aircraft used to make violent turns as well all the way down the GS. I have crashed many times off the runway as well.

Make sure to reset your control settings to default. I found that this helped solve the aforementioned violent turning problems.

Hope this helped! 😁

I have learned that for APPR to work it’s best, you need to be pretty much fully on the localizer and your glide slope has to be not too steep and not too shallow.

Yes, I think it’s all about precision in infinite flight not procedure.
Thanks for your help guys
Stay safe!

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