APPR issues

I understand that usually u intercept at 15/30 degrees offset from runway heading but i was completely aligned already. It just needs to keep me aligned and intercept the GS. I have tried everything already different angles different speeds different altitudes different airports always the same and yes I have the ILS frequency set in the NAV 1 and selected as a source. Actually theres no difference for me if you tune it or no. It does exactly the same thing. It is really annoying.


Wow, it’s really weird. I think you good with that, but is your weight under MLW ? It’s really weird…

This video was while doing some touch and goes with 2-3 pax, no cargo and barely some fuel.

Have you try to approach with another type of aircraft since this issue come to you ?

Yes, I have done many with the CRJ and with that one didnt even matter if you were intercepting at 90 degrees almost stalling, it was stabilising always before short final. That one works amazing.

Definitely no idea where the problem is coming from… Mine works fully, even with an A359…

I actually dont know if it may depend on the airport. If you want to give it a go try at GCTS. Thats the airport where I like doing touch and goes and i never got the A350 to do a stable APPR.

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My hypothesis is that it is due, in part, to wind. The AP, in my experience, doesn’t seem to account for wind well. In calm conditions it tends to stabilize quickly with little drama, but with 10kt+ winds with any crosswind component it tends to be “surprised” by the wind and overcorrect. Has anyone else noticed this?

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Make sure your source is set to GPS. And whatever NAV you are tuned into 1 or 2 is activated according to the ILS Runway you’ve chosen in the maps.

You’re right… When i set many waypoints in line with the runway (same heading); i always encounter the problem of being off the line taking me to runway ending up making crazy right and left turns when pressing on APPR although you’re already aligned with the runway but due to winds; dancing starts🤦‍♂️

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I’ll try it, and will let you know

Here my video :
Don’t take care about the edit, it just to show you how I use ILS !

Hey, Having run into the problem before, Im pretty sure it has got to do with the weight of the plane and the speed at which youre flying. The heavier you are, the higher speed you need to go at and vice versa. Else, it causes the plane to bank all over the place. However, this may be an A350 specific issue, but let me know if this helps.

I’m always under MLW.

So today I tried to do the same at LEMD and it worked just fine. It aligned with the LOC then captured GS and even performed autoland amazing. Did the same thing again in GCTS and got completely crazy turning around even before reaching the LOC. Can it be the airport? It is the only thing I can think of.

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I’ve tried multiple airports all under the same conditions and autoland still doesn’t work.

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Here’s an example from the A330, this is the same thing that happens to me on the A350.

Speed was 200kts, load 42%, and no strong winds.

Here are some pictures of the overcorrecting banks. I engaged APPR when I was at about a 30 degree angle to final. Source was set to NAV1, and the correct runway was selected.

Here’s another picture of my flight plan from LiveFlight. After three turns I disengaged autopilot.

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