APPR issues

Honestly I the APPR is a little over sensitive at this point…if you try and head straight in it will over correct and bank heavily at first, I have experienced this as well.
On the contrary, if you bank into it at a 20-30 degree angle and then activate APPR it tends to complete the turn for you a lot smoother.


Using APPR. I prefer having full control of my aircraft, but I do have autothrottle on until I need to retard the thrust.

In all seriousness, when I have used it in low visibility I haven’t had this issue.

I am having this same exact issue. For me it is not exclusive to the A350.


I love hand flying as much as you but regular ops still use APPR for the final approach phase before a/p is disconnected.


Yeah I was only messing around. I find even autopilot often overcompensate for things and ends up pitching down or up too much for example when adjusting V/S. Even turning to a new heading when on NAV results in turning sharply and too late.

This is mostly a function of how APPR works in IF as the AP in general seems to be overreactive (related Feature request is here: Smooth Autopilot Transitions). That said, 180kts is probably a bit slow for Flaps 1/1+F. Give 2 or 3 a shot and it may improve slightly.

I had same issues than yours, but after reading tutorials everything is good now.
If you already follow the plan step by step, you should volontary intercept the localizer with 15 to 30° less or more than the runway heading. It is what I do now, and I make perfect autoland !

So you’re saying I have to intercept it at an angle? I already intercept it straight on and it still swerves left and right.

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I have the same problem and my speed is perfectly fine and i intercepted completely aligned with the runway. In my post people kept telling me I must be doing something wrong but not what is it.

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Yes, you should intercept with angle. I explain : When you are approaching (without ATC instruction), you must not expect any straight-in approach. ILS in game are given with red cones. Try to plan a 15/30° less or more than the runway heading to intercept the beggining of this cone !
My explaination may be not easy to be understood haha, do you want you a video or photo illustarting it ?

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Is the left HUD your indicated airspeed ? If it is, (it may be not the only source of issue) but you approach too fast

That an issue happening for the A350 replay. Check my GS. Anyway you dont need to look at my speed. Just take a look at the angle of attack. It is totally fine meaning i am not going too fast or too slow.

Did you set your ILS approach as NAV 1, and change source of approach to NAV1 ?
And as I said to TOGA, you should intercept the localizer with a 15/30° angle by the runway heading. Instruments will line you automatically with the runway. It what I do now, and since I do that, I do not have this problem anymore

Yes please I would very much prefer a video, it just seems odd that I have to go off course to intercept the ILS just so that APPR doesn’t go wild.

Ok, I prepare it for you, and I will give the link when it will be available !

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I understand that usually u intercept at 15/30 degrees offset from runway heading but i was completely aligned already. It just needs to keep me aligned and intercept the GS. I have tried everything already different angles different speeds different altitudes different airports always the same and yes I have the ILS frequency set in the NAV 1 and selected as a source. Actually theres no difference for me if you tune it or no. It does exactly the same thing. It is really annoying.


Wow, it’s really weird. I think you good with that, but is your weight under MLW ? It’s really weird…

This video was while doing some touch and goes with 2-3 pax, no cargo and barely some fuel.

Have you try to approach with another type of aircraft since this issue come to you ?

Yes, I have done many with the CRJ and with that one didnt even matter if you were intercepting at 90 degrees almost stalling, it was stabilising always before short final. That one works amazing.