APPR Issues

Hey IFC,
So recently I discovered the APPR (no I’m not a new member, I’m actually Grade 5 but I’ve just always used the ILS/GPS approach). When I use the APPR it always lands far left on the runway with the brakes active. Does anyone know any tips to be more on centreline and remove the brakes? Tried the rudder but the APPR compensated for the rudder.
Feel free to change this if it’s not for general.


James, is this issue occurring on all runways, or one particular runway?

What are the cross winds like?

I don’t use auto-land much, but when I do, I end-up nicely on the center line. I believe that’s how it should work.

Does the problem always happen, or only sometimes.
What aircrafts have you tried this with? All same issue?
All airports or only one/some?
What is the crosswind situation?


I think it’s just wind. Because when there’s no wind, it’s on the centerline. 😃

APPR is not auto land. It’s not meant to take you all the way in. It’s just an approach assistant.

APPR is auto land in IF.

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Why do people use it to land in good conditions? It’s a flight simulator so you’re the pilot!! Just goes to show why we have such bad grade 3-5s on expert! I’ll bet some have never even landed a plane on this for real!
I just use it to aid in initial approach


No clue but that’s what it does also.

No it is not. 😉 If you like very hard landings then go ahead and use it for that but that’s not it’s intended purpose 😛

Sometimes I use it every now and then just to make sure I still remember how to properly do it. Doesn’t really matter how anyone else chooses to land though as that’s The least of our problems on expert.

Definitely is the intended purpose.

What airport and runway did this happen on?

If it wasn’t the aircraft wouldn’t flare.

The APPR engages the brakes for you upon landing. Also, the APPR will do the ‘crab angle’ in crosswind situations. Upon touchdown (in a crosswind situation) then you have to use the a small bit of rudder to align the planes nose with the centreline however, before doing this I recommend disengaging the autopilot otherwise the it will compensate for your rudder movements. Hope this was helpful 🙂

You mean barely flares. 😂 Some of the hardest landings I’ve seen come from people using APPR to land.

The APPR feature is intended to land the plane for you, for example in situations where visibility is at a minimum. Autoland is also sometimes used in real world aviation again in low visibility or when landing at airports where the plane is in constant communication with ATC. If you would like to see more about this see this link:

It needs some serious work then. Does not do a very good job landing the aircraft.

@Ksisky it’s any runway I use.
@Hymenopus_Coronatus the crosswinds have not been a problem, usually 10 knots max.
@azeeuwnl it happens most if the time (3/4). A330, A320 and I think another and they all have the same issue. All different airports. usually between 0 - 10 knots.
@Butter_Boi there is usually no to light winds.
@Jeremy_H APPR is auto land in IF when there is low visibility.
@Jack_Nolan I’m Grade 5 and have used it less than 10 times, I only recently discovered the thing but still prefer the manual landing.
@Jacob_Laurie it doesn’t make sense why it applies the brakes since you don’t use brakes on landing. I know you need to use the rudder, that’s the same in normal manual landing + you never use the autopilot upon landing, always manual or APPR.

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I noticed the Airbus APPR mode is more off than Boeing aircraft. And your supposed to turn it off before you land to flare. And tap the brakes to release.

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