APPR Issues - Stalling

Ok good! If you aren’t using full flaps that must be the issue! Try it with full flaps and at 135 kts and see how it goes! Flaps help by increasing lift, meaning you can stay air out at much slower speeds, such as approach speeds around 135kts!

Try flaps 30, 145 airspeed

Take a look at the total weight of your aircraft as well. The heavier the plane, the more speed you will need. Final approach speeds differ for every aircraft.

Also, try to keep your speed up on the approach, I usually intercept with the localizer around 220-200 airspeed.

Use for landing and takeoff speeds for the 737. It works perfectly for me

“Vapp” is your final approach speed
“Vref” is the speed you want your wheels to hit the ground at

Well, thank you all. I’m going to replicate my flight I just took E10 on a flight. I was able to land without AAPR as I couldn’t activate it. Thank you all for your great responses they helped me. I’m grateful to be apart of this community.

@Lud_d Full flaps worked perfect when I landed my on my own. Thanks! Was a little wobbly but it landed.

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Happy to help!