APPR Issues - Stalling

Hey, I am looking for some help. Lately, when I have been using AAPR I have been encounter stalls on my finals. The latest being at San Francisco. I just would like to know what I am doing wrong or how I would remedy this.

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Have you been on the correct speeds?

I am at about 40-50 throttle. I am below 200 knots and was in the process of landing when my flights stalled and AAPR disengaged. I will get a screen recording.

What aircraft were you in?

I was flying a 737-800.

Not sure if my speed was to high or not.

I’m landing the same plane. Let’s see how this goes. I will keep track of my speed.

Almost on final.

Could you send us a replay using

Yep. Just happened again. I stalked and went into the ground. I was at 121 Airspeed. Share My Infinite Flight

I’m guessing my airspeed is probably too high.

If the 737 is heavy, 120kts is way too slow. I usually use ~135kts with full flaps.

Thanks for your responses. I’m am going to keep my speed up and attempt the landing. I will let you know if it works.

Nope, was slowing down to 135 knots. Plane stalled and went for a faceplant out of control.

I’m going to review the tutorial again. See if I can pull something out.

For a 737, I would land using full flaps and an approach speed of 130kts at least, even up to 140kts if I am heavy. Let us know when you have tried again with a higher speed as it looks like you are going to slow. Also, which part of final are you stalling at? Is it short final or just after you turn on APPR?

I have just had another stall. I was at 135 knots. about halfway to the runway the plan stalled and went face first into the ground. I had just recovered from multiple stalls before.

I’m going to make another flight with a smaller aircraft. I will see how that goes.

Does the plane wobble? Have you checked the recent APPR tutorials to make sure you are engaging it correctly?

I’m going to try with full flaps. Not really wobbly until the stall. I have reviewed the video multiple times. The flaps may be my issue.