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Hello all.
I keep on having this issue, where I will engage APPR, and it will ask me to engage my v/s, so I do.
Now, the APPR will not make any adjustments to my height, and will maintain the same V/S as I set on the AP. And suggestions?


You have to manage the arrow of the glide slope to the middle for APPR to lock on the glide slope for you, same with the localizer.

So what you are saying is that basically I have to manage the V/S myself? Whereas it used to do it automatically?

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Basically, you need to adjust the localizer and/or the glide slope (bring the arrow to the middle of the glide slope or the long line to the middle of the localizer) first then APPR (automatic approach) will do the rest. It has changed from before because it previously automatically did it for you, but this is a new change that was implemented by Infinite Flight.

I’m pretty sure this is incorrect.
@Josh_Tomaz you need to be below the glideslope. APPR now holds your AP setting until intersection GS instead of going to it directly like before.

Hey There!

I used to not understand APPR and occasionally struggle with it, but for APPR to work correctly, you need to be below Glide Slope. APPR will hold your Auto Pilot (AP) setting until the intersection of Glide Slope instead of going to it directly like before. Below, I will link Infinite Flight’s tutorial for using APPR.

Good Luck!

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