APPR issue

When ever I use the APPr with the a320 it never locks the glide slope. I’m confused as to why.

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I have the same problem.

So…what does it do instead?

Perhaps good to add a few screenshots.

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It starts to bob up and down

Well could you be going to slow with not even flaps set?

135 Full flaps

This is whenever APPR is engaged. It’ll line me up. But the moment to lines up with the GS it shoots up and down

Iv been doing so, I’m re downloading it. That might work

i never use the autoland system unless its a CAT1,2,3 approach but i wanted to test this.

i change my approach speed based on how heavy the aircraft is,
usually at 37% load the aircraft seems to fly smoothly at 150kts full flaps, but at 44% or 46% load i need to increase speed to about 160kts full flaps for the aircraft to fly smoothly and then i lower the speed as i am getting close to the runway

sorry for the bad quality that is recorded on my Potato android device. i have not tried APPR on any other aircrafts so i don’t really know how its works for other aircrafts.

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Same problem here. It won’t work. I use IF assistant and it’s GPWS keeps saying glide slope anytime I use APPR. I don’t know why I’m experiencing this issue


I am getting an A320 bobbing problem in general after the update. Something was changed with the AP throttle.

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Nope. It doesn’t do anything like that for mine

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I have been having this problem since the last update before this one. When I engage the APPR mode it doesn’t descend. It keeps me in line but it stays at the altitude I’m at when I engage it. Does anybody have any advice?

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I have the same issue.

Don‘t receive help on the other post.

Had this issue multiple times today too. I posted a topic as well and never recieved a solution.

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I have the solution!!!

As long as your at 180 KTS when you engage APPR with VS set to 0 and ALT set to you current ALT the plane will lock onto the GS. Once it does then you can start to slow down with no problem with flaps and everything! The issue was is that I was going to slow. The plane could lock at that speed.

I hope this helps!

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Well the new APPR system they implemented was to make transitions smooth, If you’re going within 30° of the runway heading and are at 3000 AGL, there shouldn’t be an issue, should lock on to the GS and the localizer. I think for some reason the A32XX have a higher landing speed then what most people think it should be thus causing the rocking up and down…

^this and you can slow down the speed as you closer to the runway from like 160kts to 150kts to 140kts for touch down

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