APPR Issue

APPR issue
hello, I noticed a problem with APPR in some airports does not land in the runway,you noticed it too?

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Yes sometimes but then you can practice a manual landing:)
I almost never use to APPR

Auto Approach? Never heard of such thing! Back during my Grandfathers day, it was either fly it manually, precisely and with accuracy or get your buttocks out of the academy. If only rules were stricter like back then, then all these new amateur pilots would never be able to Auto Land an A320. Do it like a man, and put those wheels on the Tarmac yourself! Keep on trying, you’ll be with the pros very soon son :-)

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Maybe you are too fast? The angle being too much? Too high?

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Also I always use the manual, I wanted to try to prove APPR, just I wanted to know if it’s always like that or not?

wow! you are so angry!sorry for asking!

I’m not angry @MarcelloM, I’m just expressing my point of view. It’s okay to ask questions like this! I’m not trying to be the critic here! APPR should be used in dangerous situations, like low visibility for example. No need for this nonsense that just ends up being melodramatic. If I in anyway offended you, I take off my Top Hat and say “I’m sorry, please forgive me”. :-)

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@Captain_DJ of course you’re right APPR should be used only on certain occasions, but I was curious to try it and I noticed a problem. the beauty of the IF is to drive alone the planes and have fun. I share your thought, thank you

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I don’t understand this resistance to learning how to use autoland. Heck I use it, because I want to be as proficent in its use as I am with manual landings.

Hi there,

It’s not the APPR that’s the issue, it’s the Heading. If you set you heading without APPR it won’t lead you perfectly to the runway. My advice would be to use APPR for the approach and take it off when you are about 3-4 NM away from the runway, then when the localizer is bang on the runway pop the heading back on,

I support this! It applies to real world pilots too! Some of them are automated dependent . Be a man! Lol

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I turn mines on at an altitude of 2,500. Speed at 155-160. Airbus A321. And it made me crash. I was on final to KSAN.

Here is a video I recorded today using the autoland. See if you can find what you are doing differently that may be causing the crashes.

Well you were going around 130 kts. Altitude around 2,500. I see you had flaps full, spoilers armed. I do all that, except for flaps full and very low cruise speed for landing. I guess its the speed. Was that the A320 or A321? Because when I land using A320 or A321, I am around 145-150kts, flaps 1 or 2. And as soon as I press APPR, the plane either turns left/right very fast to get aligned with runway, or even goes straight down, spins out of control and causes crash.

AKA it stalls ;)

It’s An A320.

If it swings left and right it means your approach angle was off a bit. Your flaps are not extended enough either, so you are not getting the lift that is needed. Even at your speed you should at least have Flaps 3.

My weight setting is as follows ;
Fuel tanks Light.
Passengers Normal
Cargo Normal.