APPR Issue

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been experiencing a problem when using the APPR feature. After engaging the feature, the aircraft just sways back and forth, wildly, all the way down to the runway.

I’ve experienced this with the 737BBJ, 789, A320, A321.

When I engage the feature, I am within 15-20nm out, 150-160 KIAS, using appropriate flaps. I have tried intercepting the ILS at 30 degrees, 15 degrees and straight in. Tried with both head winds, and tail winds (all less than 7kts.) Same thing happens.

Anyone else having this problem?

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You need to be on the ILS glideslope and localiser, it cannot intercept them for you. If you are below/above it will over correct and dive up and down

This may be helpful -


@insertusernamehere…I’m always dead on glideslope, APPR does, in fact turn you to localizer. In these cases, didn’t happen.

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Also, the problem isn’t nose up or down, it’s swaying left to right.

Adding to what @Jet_Airways_995 said, this tutorial may be helpful as well:

Best of luck :)

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AGAIN. The problem is NOT nose up or down. It’s swaying left to right. I intercept at 30, 15, 10 degrees, and straight in as well. The aircraft will turn to the correct heading, then begin to sway left to right, 5 to 10 degrees each way, all the way down to the runway.

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While on the ground? If that’s the issue, then I suggest turning off auto land once you touch down. How is your speed? If your speed is too low it is trying not to stall.

Also, punch off the A/P and land like a boss! Manual for the win! (Airbus has affected people’s minds!)


What airport is this at? Being that your aircraft is swaying, I may have an idea.

I had this issue at the beginning of my experience in IF, but now no more. I suggest you to engage the APPR when you are 12nm out because in real life the ILS starts 12nm from the airport. You have to be aligned with the glideslope and localizer to help the ILS bring you to the touchdown zone.

It’s not the actual ILS

Hard restart + un + reinstll

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I just want an idea of the airport he’s attempting this at, ILS or not.

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GPS or ILS approach?

@Mattia_Bordoni…ATC will guide you in to intercept @ 30 degrees, often, but not always below the glide slope. If APPR is engaged below the glide slope, the aircraft will go nose up, so you don’t engage until you are on glide slope. BUT, as far as the localizer goes, the aircraft should turn to and stay on course. What I am saying is that this isn’t happening for me in the past couple of days. I was just wondering if anyone ELSE is having this issue.

That being said, I’m going to uninstall and reinstall the app thanks @Insertusernamehere) . Will let you all know if this solves my problem.


He’s already explained vertical movement isn’t the problem

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You clearly haven’t read the posts… he has said many times he is on the glideslope exactly.


Both. Happens with both types.

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What airport are you experiencing the issue with?

As what people said at the top you have to be on the right path. Auto pilot in Infinite Flight can be intense to mess up the approach. I recommend to land it mannual or make it stable enough to land the aircraft stable.