APPR issue turning away from localizer

Hi all,

I had a strange APPR issue today.

I had everything set including NAV1 set and to the correct runway frequency, below the glide scope, 30 degree angle to the runway and A/P previously engaged and not too far out from the runway. The aircraft did not intercept but rather turned away from the localiser before even intercepting, was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues recently?

Could be a broken ILS frequency?



Which airport and runway did you tune NAV 1 to?

NAV1 is never accurate with runway alignment,
APPR mode is your best option for an accurate approach.

But it seems like APPR did not work at the airport you were approaching, May I ask, what airport?

It might also be helpful for us to see your replay if you still have it and can share it with us.

It was EGCC 5L

Replay shows states are correct as stated above @InfiniteFlightDeck

So, I did a pattern work in solo mode and I found that is not aligned with the runway, there is also not direct Waypoint for 5L, it just takes it straight to the EGCC dot.

Ah so it’s broken @RyMan?

But surely, you don’t need waypoints for APPR, it works off GS and LOC not waypoints?

Yes I believe it is broken, yeah I probably don’t need waypoints for approach mode 🙃

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I just had a go. It seems it’s broken for me too. I was approaching from the right, and when I engaged APPR, it just started flying a right 360.

Did you turned on APPR once established on localiser or even before that ?

No, I turned it on for the intercept as if ATC had just cleared me for the approach. I was on a HDG of 025° and the RWY HDG is 053° (so I was within 30°).

You need to be aligned straight to the localiser of the runway, and then engage APPR (within the cone). I do like this and never had any issue landing with APPR.

Is that just for this runway? Usually the guidance is just to be within 30°, and I’ve never had an issue with that.

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Looks like there a issue then with


360 degrees after APPR engage at a angle approx. 30 degrees


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