APPR is weird for me


So I just got done with a flight from KORD-KHOU. I put on APPR to land for me and when it didn’t flare at all, it more nosedived into the ground. Is this a glitch?

What was your speed? I am not sure since I never use autoland, but I am pretty sure you’re still in control of the speed like in earlier phases of the APPR mode

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There are two possible things that might’ve happened in this situation:

  1. Your speed was too high, resulting in the aircraft needing to nose dive to keep up with the GS.
  2. You didn’t capture the Glideslope, resulting in your V/S controlling your rate of descent which might be steep depending on the setting you had it on.

Lmk if these may be of help to you. Cheers!

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141 on touchdown and the plane was a 737-800

Okay thanks

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Okay I believe that it’s solved

Thank you!