Appr into Kai tak

Hello everyone this is my first post to if community so hope you enjoy it

I tried landing at Kai tak for the first time and here is what I got

Callsign - delta348
Plane- 747 400

In the bank to turn to short final

Getting out of the bank

Some minor corrections as the plane flies by

A smooth buttery landing

tell me which one was the best pic in the replies

(Don’t question the livery)


3rd pic was the best

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Second pic like 30 mins earlier (in terms of in game time

Amazing shots!

In my opinion, the second-through-last photos are best! They look wonderful

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HelloHello!! Great shots! However, please ensure your topic matches the template given when you make a #screenshots-and-videos topic :).

Here’s a few examples of some topics! Keep it up though. Looking forward to more amazing shots from you :3.

Ohh ok but I do not understand what rule I broke

Hey there! Basically, you need to add the following format into your post.

Callsign: Delta 001
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Route: KATL - KJFK
Server: Expert

This will prevent your post from being closed or unlisted.

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This was the example @Adventures was trying to provide you. 🙂

You need to add information about your flight

Jesus, that was a lot of bank. Typically, I do about half that and take advantage of the threshold.

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Ty edited the post

Um are you sure they you are flying the intended path for the appr because even with that much bank I still end up way to the left of the runway

And btw the appr given by IF in the Notams for the airport on the expert server is incorrect because they have tell you to use the cc ndb and then the sc ndb skipping the sl ndb giving an incorrect angle of a 90 degree turn is read of a 45 degree bank