APPR how does it work on the A350?

if you use IFA you can basically follow an LNAV/VNAV. Just plug in the altitudes/speeds for different waypoints and it calculates the vs like a normal FMC. I just want to be able to follow STARs and do various VOR/RNAV approaches without my heading being deviated from the SOURCE NAV1. In real life there isn’t a similar system like this used in large jets? so I’m just trying to figure out how do stay on the correct radial whilst tuning into various ILS frequencies and then hand flying the approach down using the GP indicator or PAPI lights. The only time i would use APPR would be in low viz conditions

As I said, I don’t believe lateral guidance is available as of right now. It may be in the future, who knows. You can follow that approach though, you’d just have to manually adjust the altitude in the AP or hand fly pitch.


okay. And for tuning in what would I do. I would obviously be in source GPS to follow the STAR. If i tuned into NAV1 ILS everything would stay the same right?

Here is a video of me setting up NAV 1 and then changing the radial degree for CRS 1 if you haven’t been able to figure out how to get to this step in the process yet.

Also, of course watch the thorough tutorial for navigation.

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If you change the source for the autopilot it will try to follow it. You can have GPS autopilot activated, simply activate HDG, deactivate GPS, then activate NAV 1 autopilot whenever you’re ready to use it.

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but then i would have to perfectly time changing HDG every time I came across a new waypoint?

You’d likely do all of those steps right before you intercept so you wouldn’t need GPS anyway at that point?

I would create a video of me doing all of this but Tyler already did that so it would be redundant.

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Yeh tbh i could enter ils frequency once I have already disengaged AP. I don’t really understand the whole deviate radial to localizer tbh

Watch 3:57 to 4:20 of the tutorial I linked over and over. It’s the visual version of what I’m trying to say in words.

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Yeh I understand. I’m just going to fly around and find a way to tune into an ILS without having deviate off my radial

Turns out you can just tune in even whilst remaining on source GPS👍
NAV1 can be used for VOR nav when you don’t want to fly VFR and for small GA aircraft when aligning with the localizer.

The old system was better?
I strongly disagree.


I never said that. The new system is better personally

Hand landing isn’t too much of a challenge. I actually find hand landing effective in making more buttery landings. for me at least.

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Ok. This will take a TON of work. The new UI is impossible.

I’m loving the new layout, it’s not that complicated once you get used to it. It looks like the aggressive banks upon APPR activation are back though. I remember they fixed this awhile ago. Anyone have suggestions for this?

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