APPR how does it work on the A350?

I’ve no idea how to activate it. The old system was better to be honest. How do I do it?

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You have to select on the airport when you are within a 27NM radius and select on the runway you are landing on. This should be orange once selected you then want to select ‘Set Nav 1’ down the bottom.

Everything should be the same from there, select Approach when you are lined up on the Glideslope and tada… you are on the ground. Or you could hand land it for a challenge.


Thanks for the quick response! I’ll give it a try

When you are within 27nm of the airport.

  1. Click the airport to show more information
  2. Go to runways
  3. Click the runway that you’d like to land on. If it doesn’t have an ILS frequency then you won’t be able to use auto land because that’s the only approach that supports auto land.
  4. Click “Set NAV 1” (or NAV 2, doesn’t matter)
  5. Click NAV
  6. Set the NAV source to NAV 1
  7. Make sure the radial matches runway heading, it should do that automatically
  8. Click APP ON (assuming you have the AP on ;))
  9. Click APPR NAV
  10. Click APPR when you’d like to activate auto land.

if you click NAV1 source then won’t the aircraft follow a different radial to the localizer then the on you were previously flying? @Trio

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The radial won’t change unless you manually change it via the CRS 1 or whichever CRS is associated with NAV 1.

doesn’t the radial change when you engage NAV and are on SOURCE NAV1 tuned in on an ILS approach?

Thank you but I would appreciate a video explaining the new APPR mode in some details


For example here. I’m tuned to ILS 27L at KSFO. BRG 1 NAV 1 is controlled by CRS 1. 284 degrees in CRS 1 won’t change unless I manually change it.

yeh i understand. But say you were flying a heading of 220 degrees to a runway for an ILS APPROACH. You then tune in, engage NAV1 source and NAV. This caused my aircraft to start flying a different heading to the localizer…

Yeah, it will attempt to intercept the localizer unsuccessfully if you’re not properly aligned.

Auto land is pretty much the same in the way it acts that you’ll need to intercept the glideslope and localizer as you did before, and activate auto land when you’ve intercepted, you just now need to manually configure the NAV instead of it automatically doing it for you.

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So would it be possible to tune in with NAV1 but use source GPS instead? and then engage APPR without any other deviation?

A GPS approach is not an instrument approach so no, you will not be able to activate auto land via NAV 1. You’d use GPS as the source if you want to use auto pilot. You can activate NAV GPS mode and have it follow waypoints, like you’re following a FPL, but you’ll need to manually descend to land.

A GPS approach doesn’t take terrain into consideration.

so I can fly a normal ILS with source GPS guiding me to the localizer cone but would need source NAV1 for APPR?

If you’re going to use source GPS you’d need to have waypoints planned into your FPL. That would be considered a GPS approach if you were to do that, not an ILS approach. You can’t have both NAV 1 and GPS activated at the same time as a source. If you have something set to NAV 1 like a VOR or NDB then it will show up but it wouldn’t effect auto pilot until you have it set as the NAV source.

TL;DR You can only have one thing set as the NAV source.

Also, if this confuses you. Simply hand fly it down. That’s a simple solution as well until it becomes clearer as to how it works. Clicking and reading stuff is how I figured it out.

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Wait so say i was following a STAR to the runway and wanted to reach the beginning of the cone for an ILS without deviating heading what would i do ?

edit: this is what happens irl so I want to do that

You’d deactivate NAV, set your HDG autopilot to be within 30 degrees offset of the runway heading, just like how a radar controller would clear you. We always clear you within 30 degrees offset of runway heading (runway heading is 270, intercept at heading 300 290 280 or 240 250 260). Have NAV 1 set, then activate auto land when you intercept the localizer.

It’s recommended, like it was before, to intercept the localizer then the glide slope or glide slope then the localizer.

Edit; because I can’t write things once 😜

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yes but without autoland…

i just want to fly LNAV between the waypoints from the star and then hand fly the GP down. how would I do that?

I’m not 100% positive but pretty positive that an LNAV approach isn’t fully supported as of right now, so no lateral guidance is available unless you are on a ILS approach.