APPR help?

Last time APPR used to intercept and follow localizer and glideslope but now it only intercepts and follow the localizer and I have to manually follow/intetercept the glideslope (or rather manually adjust VS to make sure the plane follows the glideslope)?

Are you on a GPS cone or an ILS cone?

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You need to be below the glideslope to capture it. Enter the cone below 3500ft AAL.

i hope this topic helps you!

I mean last time APPR would adjust the VS automatically so the plane maintains established on the ILS but now you have to manually adjust it to maintain the glideslope?

It seems like your referring to the GPS cone?
If so, GPS approaches no longer support vertical guidance, only lateral.

ILS approaches are the only one that supports vertical and lateral guidance with.

If someone wants it, I made a mini tutorial to set ILS approach with the new version of IF.
It is not an official tutorial, and maybe I made some mistakes but it is working and can be helpful !

Pretty sure it was an ILS approach, but still had to control pitch manually since APPR didn’t

Either you did not land on an ILS equipped runway/airport or your setup was wrong.
What airport was this?

Airport was WSSS and RJTT.
Did a flight to RJTT just now, APPR worked, seems like I need to level off the plane with 0 VS for APPR to work

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