Before take off, I want to know this one thing. Whenever you use APPR, you are supposed to go to 3000’. Is this AGL or is it MSL?

It would be AGL. Above ground level.

it actually doesn’t matter what altitude you set it at, as long as it’s below 10000, you’re somewhat close to the glide slope, and are within 30 degrees angle from the runway heading.


If I am correct, doesn’t IF run off of MSL? Or am I just not with it?

In my opinion I go to 3000 AGL
But as long as you have the FPV on the runway you should be fine just don’t forget the rótáté (well for landing…)

On the hud it does on the bottom bar you can choose to have AGL

Oh okay. Thanks. Got a little confused there.

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It would always be AGL.

I am talking about the HUD. Got my answer. Thanks for the diagram though.

Active APPR (of the targeted runway) at 3000 ft AGL (above the airport) at 30°.
Airbus (not A380) 210 kts flaps 1 at 1 dot above glide


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