I was coming in to land at KLAX on 25R while flying a 737-800. I set the ILS to 25R like you should do, and was coming straight in. I turned on the APPR and my plane did nothing, but line up to 25R. It made me fly directly over 25R. Did I do something wrong, or was it just the game?

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don’t use

Please read this. It depends of factors like speed and height etc

Correction from @DiamondGaming4

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How high were you?

I notice this happens too. I was aligned with everything. I did everything to fix, turn off appr, turn off a/p, restart everything, and it still happens

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You were probably above the glideslope. You have to intercept below the glideslope after the update.

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Welcome to the community! You have to turn on the VS setting, but read the tutorials as well!

Once you are in the ILS/GPS cone, you MUST be below 3,000 feet in orderfor it to work. Also your speed has to be set to the point where the plane does not pitch up too much nor pich down as this will indeed affect your landing.

Hope this helped :P

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This tutorial is out of date since a new version of APPR has been implemented.

Here’s a more current version:


Forgot to add, you also have to be below the glide slope so that the plane can recognize the slope and intercept it. From there the plane will pitch down to meet the glide slope.

For example, go to solo mode and start on short final of a runway.

From there, immediately activate the V/S and then click the APPR button. The plane will later pitch up to intercept the glide slope and then it will pitch down to meet the glide slope.

Remember your speed.

I was at 4000 ft

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Then that would explain why the APPR did not work

That’s technically not true (London City) You just need to be below the ILS glide slope.


Here is a short explanetion why it hasn’t worked and how you can get it right.
You were above the glideslope so the plane couldn’t follow it.
If you want to get it work, you should be at 3.000ft and engage VS mode and set it to 0. Than make shure that you intercept the localizer with an angle less than 30 degrees. Than you can activate approach. It will first align with the localizer and than when it catches the glideslope it will automatically land. If you are still not aligned with the localizer when you should intercept the glideslope it won’t work and it will just hold your altitude and follow the localizer

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