I am not very good at landing the planes so I have the help of the APPR but at the last moment it all ways seems to stall and crashes and I want to become level three because I can the use the nice server! 😭


Just keep on tipping at away at it! You will get there eventually! :)


What aircraft? And what landing speed / flap setting are you using?

A319- flaps full- speed about 100 notts .

100 knots is too slow for the A319. 120-130 knots is a good range depending on your weight.


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Try 130 knots. Also the Airbus auto throttle is a little sluggish and I find it undershoots a bit, so try and reduce the speed down in 3 - 5 knot increments.

Oh and check the landing weight too! 50% or lower is needed.

When I first played IF I forgot about weight settings and tried to land everywhere at 100% weight - it didn’t end well.

If you are using APPR , which I use all the time when I’m flying . Like a few mins ago i used a A319 and I land at 160 knots

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You just can’t be a Grade 3 without knowing how to fly manually.

I am Grade 3 I never used to use APPR until Monday because I didn’t understand it at the time

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I landed it yey😀


Can you help me then??

Best way to go, #tutorials section here on the forum. Just browse through it and you’ll find dozens of great tutorials which should get you trained for the Advanced Server in about a month.


Nice work buddy. Now practice a lot, and gradually turn off the auto pilot closer and closer to the runway, and you’ll be landing like a pro in no time.

Also the landing aid rectangles are helpful if you want to practise fully manual approaches and landings. Little movements work best, not over correcting like a rally drivers steering wheel.

Have fun!

It’s not a cut and dry thing, you just can’t “be good” at flying. Every situation is different. You have to understand and analyze each scenario differently. You might have a lot of wind, or fog, or be too high on final or not have your gear down…The best answer, and I know it sucks, is to google everything, watch youtube, read the tutorials.

100 knots is the landing speed of a Cessna. Unless you use appr, 130 is too slow for landing. When you start landing manually or with autopilot, do about 155 knots if I’m right.

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