I love how APPR make stable decent to RWY but I have notice it goes crazy when I turn on unless I get on LOC/GS perfectly. Here is what I suggest, and should be when you turn on APPR. Also I’m not sure this is categorize as Features or support.

LOC : if you are at least parallel from RWY and when you turn on APPR, aircraft shouldn’t take 20 bank angle to get on truck. I want less aggressive turn to get on truck like less then 10 Bank.

GS : when you establish 3000ft but you are below GS, and you turn on APPR, aircraft climb up hard and try to get on GS instead waiting until capture GS. (I drew picture so it haves you but of better understanding what I trying to say). So when you turn on APPR, like I said, aircraft maintains ALT until capture GS.
Green Line is what it should be, and orange is what IF APPR does.

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