APPR gray/not working

Hi everyone,

Not sure why APPR (auto land) is not working/grayed out when it used to work before. I usually fly the 787-10 and it always worked but not sure why I can’t pick this feature. Please help!

Thank you!!

Make sure you have an ILS frequency selected…
If not, not all aircrafts have APPR mode

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Was your aircraft overweight?

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I think it is not greyed but pop up a message about the landing weight…but t his is another possible issue right!

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Once I wanted to use the auto land on the airbus A321 and I put too much fuel and it said it was overweight.

check this video out!

If it’s greyed out, then you don’t have an ILS frequency tubed, or your in an unequipped aircraft.

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Ah yes! I forgot to set the frequency to Nav. Thank you everyone!


All good!