APPR Going Crazy

I was approaching Denver with an ILS approach on RWY17R. When I was stabilized on the LOC it started to correct its course crazily going left then right then left then right, so I disconnected it and landed manually. Why does this happen?

Did you set the runway to nav1?

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Yes I did.

Maybe you were too high?

I was on the glide slope.

Hmmm and have you watched this video?

You might have been slow?

Speed? Load? Was it under MLW?

Yes I have and I use APPR on every landing.

Yes it was.

Was at 200kts

You could’ve been too fast or slow. That sometimes cause the aircraft to adjust a lot to get perfectly set on the glide slope. What aircraft were you flying?

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What aircraft were U using?

The B77W.

777 OK, erm, unless we seen the replay can’t say for definite what caused it. However it does sometime happen but its likely cos you were too early?

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I also suffered from this phenomenon

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A replay or video would help. Otherwise, difficult to say anything meaningfull.

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Alright, I’ll send the replay then.


My idea is that Denver is located at a high altitude, so I think this happened because of air resistance.


Here’s the replay.

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