APPR goes crazy

Dear IF Devs, Great Job so far on the update. However has anyone else been having problems with the APPR and the new vertical speed rule because as soon as I press it the Auto land goes crazy, not like usual.
Thanks in advance
Happy Flying,

If you are under the glideslope APPR will maintain the current vs and alt settings until it hits the slope and then follow it down. Make sure you are not too fast.

Can you explain in more detail of what you are seeing? A screen shot before turning on appr would be helpful

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I was going fast so I believe that was the problem. Thank you very much and happy Flying Cign

The goal of the APPR change was to prevent the plane from stalling and climbing sharply when engaging APPR.

You will also find that when you disengage APPR that the VS is set so you do not plummet. It requires more input from the pilot to take over but at least you are not diving out of the sky.