APPR For Landing

Good day I was just wondering when do you use the APPR for landing thank you.

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You are able to use APPR for any aircraft equipped with it, and the APPR can land on any runway.
A common time pilots use APPR in IF is when there is low visibility, making a manual approach and landing very hard.

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Hope those links help:)

However, I’d recommend not using APPR unless absolutely necessary. If you want to simulate realism, use a manual landings.


You should only use APPR in very poor visibility.

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APPR can’t be used on a runway with a glideslope more that the average 3°.

I use appr when there is low visibility. So for the most part due to luck, 99% of my flights on IF have good visibility when doing my approach so I mostly never use it.

The problem I have found using appr, is when I get within 2nm of the airport, and turn appr off, some airplanes have a tendency to pitch nose down very suddenly which ends up completely ruining my approach.

APPR is just up to your preference. You can use it when you wish, and when you really need it. I personally never use APPR, because I’m experienced in landing in different conditions nicely. But beware, APPR will land for you like a rock! Also, make sure that you are on a stable approach before turning on APPR, because when you turn it on APPR might stall, or dive. It’s kinda of a risk.

I do recommend using APPR as to guide you down to the runway during windy or you know that the weather conditions aren’t favourable. Since the aircraft will be very difficult to control until you are around 500 feet above the runway.
Also be careful how you intercept the glide slope so the APPR doesn’t rock your plane up and down. Make sure the aircraft is positioned along the centreline and correct altitude before executing APPR mode.

If you calibrate the game right before you turn off APPR, this should solve that issue :)


I use it for aircraft with it available and I will only use it if there is a red approach line on the map.
I use it until 300ft AGL, at which I then disable it and carry it out manually.

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