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Hey guys sorry I don’t have any pictures or videos to show but I have a question regarding the APPR. For some reason it seems like 8 out of 10 times it glitches on me. It’s doing great, my plane is descending perfectly towards the runway and then I noticed that it looks like it’s going to touch down before the runway and there’s nothing I can do about it at that point. Other times I can’t even see the runway and it’s not because of weather and my plane just glitches into the ground. I was flying today coming into Philadelphia International and I was on the Glide slope and I had APPR activated and it flew right over the runway. I made sure that that Runway was in Nav 1, I think I was flying fast enough it the crj-200 and it just overflew the runway. I was perfectly on Centerline but I was a good 800 feet above it. Any suggestions?

I believe this belongs in support

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Honestly, you can use APPR on final but when you’re about to land it’s best to hand fly it for a good landing :)


What about the replay file? It would help others to understand your flightpath.
You can easily share it here:

I agree with you! :)

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A replay wont help in this situation as we cant see the inputs on the screen.

The best thing is do to a screen recording from your HUD view and start recording before you enable APPR. Include the setting of NAV1 and the enabling of APPR.

This is the best way for us to tell you if it is an issue or if you may be missing something in the setup process.

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Sounds good I’ll record it this morning and send it out to you guys thank you,

Sorry man I don’t know where things go I just post I’m sorry I’ll be better

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I know what to see and what not to see in the replay.
That’s why I explicitly stated that it would help to see the flightpath. At least you can see where and when the user intercepted the ILs. Witch speeds he had in wich phase of the landing. That AoA and flaps setting could also be observed.
All that can help finding if there are basics went wrong or not. It would allow to exclude numerous pilot errors before going mir into detail without urging the use to additional things. The replay is just on his device if he hadn’t deleted it, why not using available information?

Sharing the replay is fine but APPR involves so much input that you cant tell what buttons were pressed. Sure you can see the state of the plane but from the symptoms it sounds like maybe something wasnt input properly. I guess using what you said a replay could help in a way.

Your guess might be right, but it is a guess. Every guess gets better with more information. And the replay is easy to get information.
Anyway from my experience there are two common errors resulting in failure of APPR. Faulig to intercept correctly, and speed management / configuration related to speed. Both could be seen in the replay.
If the user want and can provide a screen recording with touches visible, that’s fine. Till the we can continue to guess, or watch the replay for some better guess and may be advice for the recording flight. Can’t we?

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