APPR Fail. (Devs I have the video for you)

This was a bad one. Plane didn’t line up with the run way at all. Terrible fail.

Hello, thank you for contacting support. We need some details about your device, such as os, ram, etc., we also need some details about what led up to the event. Have you been able to replicate it? Plus, this should (hopefully) be a one time thing, if not a reinstall should work.

You should’ve have decreased the speed. 180 knots with full flaps is a bit much. Also don’t forget to arm the spoilers! Then normally it should work properly.
It’s better to intercept the localizer signal before hitting the APPR button.

Was there alot of wind?

Why didn’t you do a flight plan and use the way points that are in the published approach charts your fight plan is way off for a good approach

i don’t think its fail. what i presume from video. i guess you have your nav mode on not appr. remeber to switch to appr from nav once localizer comes alive. your aircraft was descending as per your auto pilot vertical profile also lined as per your fpl. as seen on hud.

Your intercept with the localiser is the issue here.


One of the things that would help the autopilot out in capturing the approach is to fly a heading that will intercept the localizer.

What does that mean?

For runway 28 and in the position you were in, I would’ve flown a heading of 260 so that you would get the aircraft of a trajectory closer to the extended centerline. The heading that you were flying, 276 is way too shallow and would not allow you to intercept the ILS in time.

This might be of assistance as well:


It says 4-14knts right in the video

He was using APPR mode. That has nothing to do with your FPL but how aligned with the intercept you are.

Don’t take this as an attack but as a learning moment. Don’t rush to a support topic to rush out a comment that is shown in a video or that has nothing to do with the support request.

#support needs to have the best of the best answers so you are not sending people on a wild goose chase who might already be mad by the situation or might even be new here.



Thanks for the learning moment, and I’m sorry, I should have looked more at the details…

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I have an iPhone 8 and I was cruising at 3000 feet and I was about to make my turn into rn 28r at ksfo and I pressed the appr and it wouldn’t line me up with the runway properly. I’m on iOS 12.1.

No I don’t fly with nav mode. I was strictly on autopilot

Explain what the localiser is?

The localizer is what lines you up with the runway when using the ILS.

Everything is explained here! :)

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This should be a tremendous asset to your aviation training:


But I look At videos and there flight plan is completely off and the appr still puts them in the right place for landing. This clearly a malfunction

You make a good flight plan especially at San Francisco with the correct way points and you will have no problems yes inception is the problem but his FlightPlan doesn’t allow for a good inception

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It is not a malfunction. You want to line up with the localizer/red boxes that I saw in your video. You were coming in at an angle instead of straight in. If I were you, I would have gone around and tried again.

Intercept localizer at not more than 30 degrees angle from the runway heading with enough distance so you can line up appropriately. Also 180 at full flaps is not a good way to enter final and neither should you operate 40 degrees flap at such a speed. Watch the videos mentioned on above replies