Appr fail? Again.

So I was flying from LA to Vegas and as I was approaching 08R I had full flaps down speed was good and I engaged the appr but it was defending very slow. I was way to high to land don’t know why this is. Usually when I’m to high it points the noise down pretty steeply. Don’t know what happened. When is a good time to engage appr?

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Best practice is to engage APPR once you are lined up with the Glideslope and Localiser. Have you seen our community tutorials for using the Approach feature yet?


But how far away should I engage

You should be engaging around the end of the cone on your minimap.

I engage it when I enter the pattern.

What does that look like

Could I see a screenshot of what u mean

I’ve done it on Glide and on loc and it’s yanked me around-the best way is in Skyhawk’s tutorial. Near the edge of the ILS cone with a dot deflection right/left and a dot low on glide.

You’ll want to know these tutorials first :)


Sometimes this happens to me. If the winds aren’t that bad try hand flying it.
EDIT: also look at the tutorials above that levet linked :) good luck

Generally the APPR is very good about finding the localizer (at least in the last 10 nm), not as much glideslope. What I do is make sure I am lined up with glideslope perfectly and pretty close on localizer, then in the cone I hit APPR and it generally works without a hitch.

I have personally noticed that the appr mode works best (atleast with the 737 and a320) when you are at a distance of around 10 nm away from the airport at less then 200 kts IAS…and (atleast for me) its important that you are 1 dot too high on the glide slope…in that case the plane doesnt dive but acctually gently engadges appr and slowly starts to descend… however if you are correctly on the glide slope… then the plane clibs aggresively.
So what works for me is:
~10 nm away from airport
No more then 200 kts IAS
1 dot above the glide slope.

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