Appr doesn't get signal of the loc and neither the gs

hey guys I need help because the appr doesn’t get signal of the loc and neither the gs. I tried it in a crj-700 and didnt work.

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Hey there! Could you perhaps provide a little more information with regards to your APPR issues? It’s a little vague, and quite hard to gauge what issues you’re having at the moment.

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when I am flying gps and then changin g to the appr mode and nav 1, It just strts blinking loc stablishing and never establishes. Then it nevers appears the glideslope never receiving signal.

answer please

he will answer when he is available, is it possible you have set the GPS and NAV correctly or incorrectly?

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This will sound pretty stupid but did you tune in the ILS frequency into NAV 1?

Did you fly at a heading of +/- 30 degrees of the runway heading to get established on the localiser?

If it’s blinking at the bottom of the localizer bar, you’re to high and you need to descend, if it’s blinking at the top, it means your good to intercept the glideslope from your current altitude.

At least that’s what I believe you issue is, just remember, you should be 3,000ft AGL at 10nm from the runay.

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