Appr Crash on Descent

Device: Samsung Galaxy S21+
Operating system: Android 12

Heyo everyone, hope you are doing well! Last night i decided I would do an overnighter of ZBAA-CYYZ (AC 77W). I took off and the flight went well.

However, on descent passing 24,000 ft my app crashed. I regularly clear my scenery cache etc.

I know this is not the first time of this case, but wanted to report my encounter.

First crash in a while so wanted to report.

Were there any indications during the final phase of your flight that indicated that a crash was imminent? Typically you’d encounter this by having a prolonged loss of frames, freezing frames and your device generally becoming unresponsive.

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No, there was none of those. It just blacked and closed to my homescreen

Well, given that this was just one of those crashes, I’m inclined to say that there’s no real problem you’re encountering unless this then becomes a regular occurrence. Shame it happened, but it is what it is.

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Maybe your graphic settings were too high to handle, try turning them down mid flight!

Yeah, i understand it happens. Didnt know if there was anything.

Thanks for the help!!

All my graphics are on low except for 3D object density. I was on 60 fps as well, but my phone always runs solid 60.

Changing your graphics settings mid-flight is more likely to induce a crash than just staying at one and not changing it. My advise is to lower it a touch if needed and avoid changing as much as possible.

This is a huge factor in crashes. You’re better off turning it down to 30 frames during the cruise phase and only changing it when you want a smoother experience.

Remember that you won’t be looking at your device that often during a long haul, so you’d be decreasing your chances of a crash by turning it down during the cruise phase. It’s not like it’ll make a difference on your eyes, not to mention, lowers the strain on your device.

I will say; I did do something different now that i recongnize. 60fps was off the whole cruise. Usually i turn it bacl on around 10,000 feet, this time i did before i started descent. So honestly, that might be why!

So my app crashes a lot I restarted my device cleared cache and checked setting and it hadn’t crashed yet on my 13 hour flight let’s hope it dosent when I land in an hour

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