APPR controller on Expert server

So, APPR was trying to contact me. He told me to contact him, I looked at the ATC list, and found no APPR controller for EDDL. All that was online was the tower for EDDL. So, the EDDL APPR guy told me to contact him. I didn’t see his frequency on the list, so I just exited out my flight. (I didn’t want to deal with being ghosted) Why couldn’t I see him?

If you have a problem with said controller, just remember his name and give a PM to him.

There is a possibility the controller on approach ended their session, or their device crashed?

I think this is already a known glitch.

Nah, he just told me to contact him 2 times, I couldn’t contact him. So I just left the flight.

I had this happen once. Normally just waiting a few minutes (so you get closer to the airport) will fix it.

I was already 28 miles out. Any closer, and he would’ve ghosted me for not responding.

True. When I had this happen, I took a screenshot and messaged the controller. That way, if I did get ghosted it would have been removed.

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Oh, I just left because I didn’t want to deal with trying to get that ghost reversed.

No worries. As long as you didn’t get in trouble for what isn’t your fault, then we are good.

I personally do not know what the problem was but about you leaving the game. Many of the IFATC members such as I don’t have ghosting you in mind unless you are interfering with traffic or blatantly ignoring the Tower. If this happens again I recommend just taking a screenshot then continuing on until you see the freq. That way you won’t have to end your flight abruptly after like a 2hr flight.

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If I couldn’t contact atc, you could change your callsign to something like “NOCOMMS” or “ATCISSUE”. You may still get ghosted to make the controllers life easier, but im sure it would be swiftly reversed.


The same exact thing happened to be just a short time ago. Landau Radar kept on trying to get a hold of me; I’m not sure where exactly that frequency is based, but distance might have played a role in my getting the glitch

That’s a good idea too. I did that once when LiveFlight Connect crashed on me and I went onto a runway.

Ok, Thanks guys. This topic can be closed now :)


Before the topic is closed, another ATC issue callsign that would be used would be “SQWK7600”. 7600 is the squawk code for an aircraft with lost comms. Maybe not as obvious though.