APPR contacting

I’m going to pass above ESGG, I will be FL38, am I need to contact tower or APPR?

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Nope, they shouldn’t care…

Just flying over…

No IFATC should leave you alone when your that high but I would still be careful if approach contacts you

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The will not tell me to contact?

Generally approach only cares about you if you are below 18,000.

The controller may look to see what your flight plan is. If you are just passing through theres nothing that needs to be done.

Now if you are at FL380 and are inbound to their airport they may on-guard you and put you in a hold so you can get lower as you are probably too high anyways.


Nope at cruising altitude they should just leave you alone… 😊

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If you’re flying at 3,800 feet you need to contact both 😂


If you get contact from a frequency just request change and the controller will soon realise by the speed you are moving relative to other aircraft that you are not intending to land at a nearby airport :)

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