Appr charts

Hello! on which application will you refer to do the atc expert approaches?

Flightaware has them!

I use Jeppison

Flight aware covers almost all USA airports only.

For the rest of the world excluding Canada I’d just search up the ICAO charts on Google (most being Jeppesen) and being thankful for what you can find 😂


Ah, I wasn’t aware of that (pun intended). Looks like I need to fly more internationally!


Border’s closed. Sorry 😂


Hey there! I personally use skyvector, it’s very easy to use. Some other resources are:

Happy flying! Feel free to PM with any more questions :)

Google. yes

For the USA:
For the rest of the world: I Google them saying the following: “[ICAO airport identifier] approach plate”

Either ForeFlight or use for places ForeFlight doesn’t have charts

I google “ICAO charts”

Some I use are:

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