APPR Causing Crash

Device: iPad 10th Generation
Operating system: 17.1.1

I was using APPR on RWY 19 at Brussels (EBBR) with the A330neo. The approach was really jerky, and the nose kept pitching downwards. There was a 5 knot crosswind, so not too bad. When we touched down (without the flare), I activated the reverse thrusters. The plane started spinning out on the runway. I took it off AP and tried to salvage it, but it was too late. I’ve attached a screen recording.


Hi Mort,

Do you remember what your approach speed was and your trim and weight settings? Typically if you have a nose down attitude in the cone, it’s because your speed was too high on the approach.

I ran some tests with an approach speed setting of 180, result was a nose down attitude and no flare on touchdown. Final approach speed of 145-150, nose had a nice positive attitude and flew nice and stable down the cone, flare was perfect with minimal rudder input to maintain centerline with a 5 knot crosswind.

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On short final, I think I brought it down to around 145-150 knots.

I think it was positive 30

I’m not exactly sure. I plan fuel very carefully, so my guess is about 1.5 hours of fuel remaining. I had a fulll load of PAX.

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Odd, the only commonality I could find with a nose down and out of control touchdown was the final approach speed and not having the SPD armed. If speed wasn’t armed, the A330 is slippery and would gain speed all the way to touchdown.

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