APPR bug at Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM/RWY 36R)

I’m not so good in English and I apologize for spelling mistakes

Plane: A320
My conditions when I engege the APPR:
-approach at 2000ft
-turn the plane on RWY-heading
-wait until glide slope captchered and a bit longer:
-speed 160 and flaps 3
-gear down
-spoilers armed

After a few seconds the Autopilot turn right and fly a holding and after that again and so on

What is wrong?

Are you sure you have locked in that specific airport?


Check that there is an astrix next to the runway and airport you are flying in to.

(Side note: Your English was spot on 😉)



I’m actually able to reproduce this issue. I’ll have someone grab a look at this and get back to you.

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The approach automatically locked in when I’m engage the APPR

Could you maybe check if you experience the same on 36C & 36L as well? I am, but just want to check with you.

This is a real issue. He’s not doing anything wrong here.

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I’ll look into it ASAP. Thanks for the report



@dush19 + the rest of the Airport Editing team will have a look and hopefully fix it for next update!

Thanks for the report!