APPR Autoland is broken

Device: Samsung Galaxy A32
Operating system: Android
Hello, I have a problem with the autoland. If I am stable at 3000ft and below 200kts, and within 15 miles from the airport, when I hit APPR, my plane makes a sudden bank to the side and heads in a completely different direction from the runway. Why is this? I am probably doing something wrong, I just need to know what that is, and if anybody else shares this issue with me. Thank you.

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I recommend to check if you chose wrong ILS for runway.

Hey There,

You could have selected the wrong runway to tune into, or possibly didn’t switch over to NAV1 in simple terms. These are my speculations based on the information you provided.

I would recommend giving the tutorial one more look, and make sure you had met all the criteria. The APPR is very demanding of perfection sometimes, so I would strongly recommend reviewing the tutorial once more.

If you have done all of these listed above, then I would sit tight for a staff member to assist you in this possibility of it being a bug.

We all make mistakes. I sure have made a couple embarrassing moments as a result of not prepping, or executing the use of the APPR properly in my past here with Infinite Flight! :)



What airport were you approaching?

Same issue on a 2020 iPad Pro. This happned at 2 big airports: LOWW and EGLL. Was stable on final, correct runway and when it tries to touch down it bounces and goes up. Not using APPR anymore.

try use trim, and land manually. APPR used only in bad conditions, to be a pro fly it manually.

im using APPR only to approach, not land.

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Make sure you select right ils and tune A/P Navigation source to it. An yes autopilot isn’t perfect in IF. It does exact same crazy things on my device. Recently reworked aircraft do good job stabilise itself after that and complete flying ils.

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